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Pop the champagne friends, Lauren Elisabeth Events is ONE!  What a crazy beautiful ride this past year has been.  I was blessed with amazing couples and have successfully completed my first year as a business owner. In true LEE fashion, we’re celebrating and kicking off year two with a Mrs. Box giveaway.  This sweet little boxes have become an obsession of mine and the winner will get to pick one all for themselves!

Click below to enter and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  For extra entries, tag your friends!  The winner will be announced on Friday, February 10!  Happy Giveaway, loves!

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Happy New Year friends!

After the crazy, fun-filled holiday season, I finally had a chance to sit down and reflect on this past year and begin thinking about my goals and word for 2017.  The New Year, for me, always brings excitement and focus and I am so ready to see what this next year has in store!

2016 was a year full of learning, growth and new opportunities, which fits perfectly since my word last year was, “open”.  I launched Lauren Elisabeth Events in February, met some awesome couples and helped plan their big day, was featured on a few different wedding blogs, worked with some wonderful vendors who I now consider friends and ended 2016 with becoming a Rising Tide Society TT Leader!

On a personal note, I grew in my role as a mom and wife.  My sweet little baby is now an energetic, rough-housing toddler and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  I love teaching him new things and watching him grow into this sweet, rambunctious, smart, funny little boy.  He has my heart in his hands and that’s where it should be!  As for my marriage, it’s awesome!  Of course, if you’re married you know that it takes work and there are times where it’s just plain hard!  But it’s so worth it and I am so proud of our marriage and the foundation we have built.

I’ve also learned to let what “is” just “be” and to stop trying so hard to change certain situations.  For some reason, this was a recurring theme this year and I felt God was trying to teach me something through it all; that how I’m treated by others doesn’t determine my worth.  And by learning that and believing it, I have let go of all those situations and gained peace!

So for 2017, I dug deep into my Make it Happen Powersheets and began meditating on what I wanted this year.  Side note: If you’ve never used these before I highly recommend them!  Lara is amazing and her goal planner really gets to the heart of you and what you want for your life/year.  After looking through my notes & doodles, one common theme kept jumping out at me, LOVE.

LOVE is my word for 2017.  I want love felt and seen in every area of my life.  I want to fill my life with more of God’s love and share His love with others.  I want to love myself and focus on what God says about me and not what others may say or think.  I want to love more on my husband, son, family, friends and clients, but more importantly, I want them to feel the love I have for them!

Stay tuned for part 2 where I’ll be sharing my 2017 goals with you!  Basically, so you can all keep me accountable 🙂

Have you picked a word for 2017?  Please share!





With Christmas rapidly approaching I wanted to share a few different gift ideas for the soon-to-be Mrs.  Happy shopping, loves!

  1.  I adore Kate Spade and her “MRS” necklace and/or “MRS” earrings are the cutest!
  2. The Mrs. Box is one of my favorite items!  These ring boxes are made from vintage velvet and they are absolute perfection!  You can pick out her favorite color and have it monogrammed with her new initial.  A beautiful keepsake for years to come!
  3. Miniemergency Kit for Brides.  Perfect for her wedding day and beyond.  This tiny but mighty item can save the day!  Great idea for a stocking stuffer 🙂
  4. A personalized Christmas ornament with their engagement date or wedding date on it.  We received a couple Christmas ornaments from family & friends and they are so so special to us.
  5. Back to Kate Spade- she will never fail us!  Her Bridal Planner will make any bride excited and ready to plan!
  6. If she’s a coffee lover, this BHLDN ‘Bride’ Mug is for her!

I’m doing some late Cyber Monday shopping and got COMPLETELY sidetracked with this BHLDN sale!  Sale items are an additional 20% off!!  Check out my favorite sale items below and happy shopping!



Hello loves!

I recently had a genuine conversation with a new friend and business encourager and she asked me a bit of a terrifying question, “why haven’t you shared the whole story behind Lauren Elisabeth Events and how it all came to life?”  That question prompted two things within my heart;

One,  fear!  I am scared!  Intensely scared of sharing my heart in this kind of capacity.  For quite some time, well up until this post actually, I have always been afraid of what others might think and the assumptions they may come to.  Sharing something so intimate is never an easy thing to do.

And two, my desire to be transparent.  I want so badly to be transparent and I can’t do that and genuinely share my heart if I’m allowing fear to cripple my desires.

So, here I am taking one giant leap and sharing my journey with you.

If you know me even a little bit, you know how much I love fashion- and love is probably a bit of an understatement.  Growing up, I had always dreamed of moving to L.A. or New York City to work for a designer.  During the summer of 2007 (seems like yesterday, weird- right!?) I found myself heading towards that dream as an intern at Burberry in NYC.  I worked in the handbag, shoes & accessories showroom (amazing!) and assisted with the planning and execution of fashion shows, helped in the selling of products to buyers all over the country and so much more.  Everyday was a new, challenging experience and it only solidified my goals within the fashion world.

Throughout college, I also had the pleasure of working for some amazing women in the bridal industry.  I worked as a stylist for a few years and assisted two bridal boutique owners.  I planned bridal expos and assisted in the buying of new gowns for the boutiques.  My favorite part about the job was working directly with brides and their bridal parties and helping them find their perfect dress.

During my last year of college,  I was offered an internship with Versace in NYC upon graduation.  I was told the internship could very quickly lead to a full-time position. (insert happy, happy dance!)  I eagerly accepted and was counting down the days until I walked across that stage!

Life, as we all know, doesn’t always turn out as we had once hoped and planned.  I began my final semester with an eagerness- ready to see where the approaching next chapter would take me.  Just a few short weeks later, my life was turned upside down.  My college boyfriend was in the Navy Reserves and had completed a tour in Iraq.  All of us were unaware of his battle with PTSD and in 2008 he fell victim to suicide. I was lost, shattered, and felt so alone.

I could write a book about my grief and my journey through it all.  It wasn’t a pleasant one and the healing process was excruciating.  I was surrounded by darkness through the better part of my early twenties and the only light I saw was when I was helping others.

My passion for the fashion world still had a hold on my heart, but I felt God calling me to something greater.  I needed to give back and to be a part of the change, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” ya know? And that’s what I was going to do.  Seven interviews later, I was now on my way to Jacksonville, Florida to start my new position as an event planning coordinator at Wounded Warrior Project.

For those of you who don’t know, Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization that honors and empowers wounded warriors and their families through a number of programs and services.  What they do on a day-to-day basis is just, simply amazing and the lives they touch as a result is incredible!

Even though I didn’t know a soul when I moved to Florida, I felt at home.  I spent the next 2 years at Wounded Warrior Project striving to make a difference in the lives of our service men, women and their families.  It was such a blessing, and looking back now, it was beautiful how God orchestrated it all.

While in Florida, I met a girl in my bible study who was from Michigan.  I was born and raised in Illinois, so we had a few things in common and quickly became friends.  She kept mentioning how she wanted me to meet her brother and finally after a couple months we both reluctantly agreed.  Now, 4 years later, we are living in Michigan, happily married with our sweet, handsome son!

God is good, friends and even if you can’t see it, He is guiding your steps.

So, back in October of 2015, just before Christian’s first birthday, I was in the middle of planning his party and felt a little nudge within.  I quickly realized that I missed it!  I missed the planning, I missed my brides, I missed creating beautiful things!  I had always wanted to start my own business, but never really knew how it would all unfold.  This felt like another little whisper from God and I knew I needed to listen and act.

So, here we are!  Lauren Elisabeth Events is here and it’s real and I just adore this little business I created!  I have a heart to serve others and I get to do just that day in and day out!  I love getting to know my couples on a personal level and being able to take away any stress that they may have leading up to their wedding day.  Most importantly, I want my couples to focus on what really matters- each other and their marriage!  My overall goal as a wedding planner, and in life, is to celebrate MORE and to make sure my couples and their families do just that!  We all know life is short and it goes by faster than we can imagine, so why not celebrate the big and the small and everything in between.